Writer Guidelines

Here you can find the guidelines for submitting guest posts to the site. Email contact@studentsforplanetaryhealth.com if you have any queries and to send us your article. Please note that at this time we can’t provide any payment for articles written for the site.


We accept guest posts and articles on any topic related to planetary health from students, early-career researchers, and scientists. Tone can be serious or light-hearted, and we especially like articles that encourage our audience to think.


Articles may be any length greater than 300 words. If you have a piece that you would like to submit that is greater than 3000 words, we may suggest splitting it up into a series of posts.


Please include images throughout your article if possible. All images must have the proper credit and attributions provided, and we will confirm that they are available for us to use. We love original images!


Your article must include in-text citations referencing a list of sources. The referencing style doesn’t matter as the list will be used to create in-text links to the sources you cite.


We avoid making edits to the content and structure of submitted articles where possible, however we will correct spelling and punctuation errors prior to publishing. If you want your article to be reviewed and edited prior to publication, please let us know and we can arrange this. Please note that this is not a peer-review process.

Author Bios

Guest posts have a brief author bio at the start. If you can, please include a couple of sentences about you and your research interests. If you have a website or institution you’d like us to link to, put that in the bio. A photo of you is not required but we’re happy to include them.

Last updated October 2020.