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Survey: Health and Wellbeing Under Lockdown

The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are going to be felt for years to come. Some of these may be positive – for example global lockdowns have helped to (temporarily) improve air quality in cities. But what impact has restricting people’s movements had on individuals and their health and mental wellbeing? And how much are people getting out and about in nature during this time? Researchers from the University of Sheffield are hoping to find out.

English bluebells in a grassy field
Spending just five minutes in nature a day can boost self-esteem and improve mood.

This survey aims to capture data on whether people’s interactions with nature have changed since the onset of the pandemic. It takes roughly 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

Click here to complete the survey.

By completing the survey, you can contribute to research on the effects of nature on people’s health and wellbeing in the pandemic. We’ll be talking more about the importance of citizen science and public contributions to research in upcoming articles – keep an eye out for them on the website and our Facebook and Twitter.

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Events Planetary Health Alliance

InVIVO Planetary Health Meeting 2020

How does a low-carbon trip to Amsterdam to get involved with all things Planetary Health sound?

The 9th annual InVIVO Planetary Health Meeting will take place in Amsterdam from 18-20 June 2020. Pre-conference workshops will run from the 17th, and the Meeting is followed by a Public Planetary Health Festival from 19-21 June.

As the coordinating institution for Planetary Health Northern Europe, Royal Holloway is organising a group of students to attend the conference. Places are limited, so get in touch with us via email ASAP if you’d like to go!

RHUL students will have their travel, accommodation, and conference fees covered by travel grants (requires application). We’re aiming for this to be as environmentally low-impact as possible, so we’ll travel out by either train or minibus and will be staying at a campsite close to Amsterdam’s city centre.

We will be coordinating with students from other universities around the UK as well, so don’t worry if you’re not an RHUL student – get in touch anyway.

If you’re interested in sustainability, climate change, and the global impact humans are having this is an event you don’t want to miss!